The Lorax

Digital Campaign

This was a fun campaign full of firsts. Illumination was riding high off of the first Despicable Me, and expectations were soaring for this adaptation of the beloved Dr. Seuss classic. I knew execution needed to be on point.
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This is where it began, a modest ad built for The Lorax's first trailer release on Apple Trailers. It was also my first attempt at deploying HTML5 in an online banner ad. Simple per Apple's specs, but a fun way to dip my toe in the water. 
I was also asked to concept the most extensive ad placements Amazon had run on their homepage to date. It would be a cobranded ad placement in support of The Lorax and Amazon's kindle products, and required personal sign off from Jeff Bezos before it would be allowed to run.
To round it out, I crafted a rich banner campaign which paraded these beloved creatures away from the Truffula Valley and across the web.
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