About Me

I’ve spent 10 years working in digital marketing. I’ve designed and built just about every type of ad for just about every publisher and platform. I lead a team of talented designers, developers, producers and writers on some of the biggest theatrical releases and television premieres each year, under the guidance of one of the best Creative Directors I’ve ever met. And I'm just getting started.
I believe in hard work with a good attitude. That the client can be your best friend or worst enemy, the choice is yours. That the work should be taken seriously, but we should laugh at ourselves. That the best work comes from collaboration with a steady hand at the helm.
I have an entrepreneurial mindset, no challenge is too daunting to take on and no task is beneath me. Leading from the front is the only leadership I know. I expect my team to be helpful, considerate, willing to work and yearning to learn. And anything I expect from them I expect double from myself.
I've pitched, won and/or led projects for Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, Lionsgate, Disney, Paramount Pictures, Focus Features, The Weinstein Company, MGM, Summit, FX Networks, ABC Television, Lifetime and Fox.
Creative Direction / Art Direction / Design / Motion Graphics / HTML5 / CSS / Javascript / Photography / Cinematography / Campaign Strategy / Campaign Management

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